Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning to Cosmic Energy

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Want to connect with the energy, mystery, and power of nature and the universe?

Imbued with indigenous wisdom and shamanic insight, Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life guides you in dissolving worry and self-doubt as you find fluidity in the face of complexity. It offers you medicine for your soul and spirit. It shows you how to thrive in your luminous nature.

Shamanic teaching tells us that we live in a cosmos in which all things are connected. Through Energy AlchemyTM—practices, insights, meditations and animist perceptions adapted to modern life—you will discover how to lift heaviness from your heart and open up to the beauty and harmony found in a true connection with the universe.

Author Meg Beeler offers you 84 experiential practices to help you:

· Let go of patterns and stories that weigh you down.

· Reconnect with the amazing, interconnected web of life.

· Make space for light—the light of the cosmos and your own essence—to fill you.

· Thrive and live profoundly in joyful celebration of life.

A potent journey of re-enchantment with nature, expanded perception, and connection with the heart of the universe awaits you.

Meg Beeler is a woman of great compassion and wisdom. She knows how to transform personal energy into cosmic energy, so that the energy of the heart extends through the entire river of Being…Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life is an immensely beautiful book.
~ Américo Yábar, founder of the poetic, energetic movement Salk’a

In a time when many of us are constantly analyzing and seeking to understand our habits and motivations, it is helpful to know that there are ways in which we can change and improve ourselves – and our environment – by shifting our own energy. Meg Beeler’s clear explanations and step-by-step techniques adapted to our western culture make this powerful work accessible to those who are interested in exploring this healing path. ~ Marge Hulburt, shamanic practitioner and author of Finding Eagle: A Journey to Modern-Day Shamanism

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  • Profound, Joyful Celebration

    Meg Beeler’s marvelous book, Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life is a step-by-step guide for engaging and reconnecting yourself to the life-giving energy of the endless Cosmos. This extraordinary radiance that embraces you and the Earth is always available to us but few people know how to engage with its power. Using Meg’s heart-centered and heart-filling practices to connect with it will open your eyes to an experience of life that is a profound and joyful celebration!

    Evelyn C. Rysdyk Founder of Spirit Passages, Author of Spirit Walking and The Norse Shaman
  • Sacred Connection

    In breezy, understandable prose, Meg leads you on a journey within, teaching you simple practices that will reconnect you with what so many in modern Western culture have lost: your sacred connection to All That Is. With simple exercises, you can relearn to gaze into the infinite mystery to find your true home: the stars, the Living Mother Earth, and your own heart.

    Patt O’Neill Owner/Editor/Publisher www.incaglossary.org
  • Nature As Healer

    Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life gently and persistently calls us out of our cultural trance and into reciprocal connection with the natural world. In the book, Meg Beeler shows how nature can be the healer of what is stuck, dark, and heavy in the human psyche. She offers a palette of simple practices that anyone can use to move outside the box of a culture that keeps us in our heads. The book also makes clear that doing this work of moving our energy and fully inhabiting our bodies and hearts is the foundation for dreaming a new world of abundance and beauty into being.

    Lorraine Anderson Editor, Earth & Eros and Sisters of the Earth
  • Powerfully Transformative

    Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life is a powerfully transformative work that invites us to explore our relationship with the natural world through expanded awareness and perception. Meg Beeler leads the way on this journey, graced by insights from her transformative experiences with indigenous peoples who know that the living energy of all things is as interconnected, essential, and integral as breath. And conscious breathing, and appreciation for how we perceive ourselves in relation to others has the power to heal. This book will be a welcome guide for anyone seriously interested in spiritual and intuitive growth.

    Cynthia Sue Larson Author, Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps, www.realityshifters.com
  • Earth-based Spiritual Path

    Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life reminds us that our individual energy currents are intimately woven into the greater universe—the cosmos itself. This is an excellent guidebook with clear and powerful exercises for developing a consciousness that recognizes our place in the ever-unfolding universe. Because the earth has changed quite dramatically in recent generations, it is more important than ever for people who follow an earth-based spiritual path, such as shamanism, to align themselves with the current changes.

    Tom Cowan Author, Shamanism As a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life, wp.riverdrum.com

Manage Your Energy!

Manage Your Energy!

This video introduces the Energy Alchemy practices detailed in Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life.

You'll learn about managing your energy, shifting out of your heart heaviness, and reconnecting with the wondrous world around you.

When you let go of old patterns, as the book explains, you have the potential to create anew, grow new relationships, and deepen your connections with nature.

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