Ancient Healing Translated for Contemporary Problems

Do you yearn to change life-limiting patterns? If you still cannot find the joy you want, shamanic healing may be for you.

Download "Is Shamanic Healing for Me?" to find out how shamanism can help you transform and heal now.

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Transform and Heal Now

Change life-limiting patterns and find the joy you want.

Download "Is Shamanic Healing for Me?"

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Reconnect...Find Your Inner Harmony...

Reconnect...Find Your Inner Harmony...

In the video, Meg shares the secrets of how to be joyful living a shamanic life.

Check out more of these secrets for yourself in a free chapter from Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning to Cosmic Energy, available Sept. 2017 from Findhorn Press.

Discover how to move your energy, find your joy, and change your life!

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Learn simple, potent practices for shifting your energy.

Connect your whole being with the spirit, mystery, and power of the universe.

Change the trajectory of the planet.

Start by learning the basic patterns of Energy AlchemyTM with your free chapter.

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Cultivate Your Heart, Your Vision, and Your Sacred Power with Meg!
Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

Do you want powerful, potent healing?

Receive support and nurture as you transform the old, find new pathways, shift your perception, and heal your spirit.

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Shamanic Training

Shamanic Training

Want to explore the world of spirit? Learn how to heal yourself and help others to heal?

Learn shamanic ways with a seasoned and heart-centered professional shamanic guide.

Learn Shamanic Ways
Shamanic Living

Shamanic Living

Do you long to live in harmony and make a difference for our planet? Do you want to nurture your wild self?

Are you ready to learn the secrets of shamanic living? Come together with your tribe!

Explore Shamanic Living
  • An Anchor

    I always come away from an experience with Meg feeling more aligned and connected to my spirit helpers and my community. She is like an anchor, and her land is a healing force.

    Claudia Comerci

    Powerful, Ancient Knowledge

    Meg is a woman of grace, intelligence and humor, an authentic, humble recipient of powerful, ancient knowledge that she puts into practice in her work and workshops. I know she flies with angels...

    Xoe Wrangler

Discover Shamanism and You...

Shift from density in your life—problems, worry, sadness—into the beauty of connection with all that is. Discover shamanism. Talk to Meg!

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