Fulfill Your Sacred Destiny: A Spiritual Mentoring Group

Become Your Luminous, 100% Unique Self

Imagine shining and thriving in your sacred power, love, and vision...

Imagine cultivating your dreams, drawing on the energy of the cosmos, nature, and the deep well within you...

Be nurtured with profound connection, support, and spirit as you integrate your wisdom and step into your destiny!

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14 Powerful Months of Spiritual Mentoring, Support, and Spirit

July 2017 to August 2018

During this program you will learn and explore how to:

  • Integrate and weave your dreams, visions, and wisdom.

  • Deepen your confidence and skills with shamanic inquiry, initiations, direct revelation, ceremony, and compassionate insight.

  • Cultivate your connections with all living beings as source and ground of your sacred power, hope, courage, and self-expression.

  • Move through personal impediments and a challenging world with fluidity, laughter, resilience, and focus on your spiritual purpose.

  • Power your inquiry with ongoing support, connection, and communion with both humans and spirit.

  • Trust in your inner authority.

  • Draw on the refined energy of the cosmos (sami), nature, community, and your own wellspring as you receive all that you need.

  • Free your energy to concentrate on what inspires and brings you joy.

  • Anchor your flow of practice in your body and psyche so you can always drop in in times of crisis.

Tools and Practices for Your Support

You will explore your sacred destiny through immersive, experiential inquiry, including shamanic journeys, solo time in nature, energy downloads and practices, meditations, mentoring, silence, cosmic connections, group sharing, and ceremony.

These tools of inquiry will offer you opportunity to explore the fertile darkness of possibility, inner and outer, as you transform, actualize, and weave your vision in self and world. 

You will learn to let go; to be lovingly present with all that is; to experience your essence; and to fill yourself with yourself with the cosmic energy and universal oneness that is always available to you. You will discover how to draw on source every day to energize and harmonize. You will be held in the container of our circle.

“The higher the purpose you connect with, the bigger the energy flow.” ~ Mingtong Gu

Cultivate Your Heart, Your Vision, and Your Sacred Power

Program Gathering Dates

Three in-person, four-day gatherings will give you the surround and support of community and the beauty of natural surroundings as you sink into “time out of time" and explore your sacred destiny. We'll meet first at at Earth Matters, an exquisite retreat center in Boulder Creek, California near Santa Cruz.

  • August 3-6, 2017 Source and Plant Your Seeds (Dark Moon)

  • February 15-18, 2018 Fertilize, Nourish, Deepen (New Moon)

  • August 23-26, 2018 Harvest and Celebrate (Full Moon)

Six personal mentoring sessions during the 14 months for issue resolution and deep dives, in person or on Skype.

Twice-monthly group video conference calls will guide you in integrating, learning, receiving support, asking questions, deepening, processing, and experiencing communion as you walk your path. These will begin July 2017 and continue through August 2018.

Prerequisites and How to Apply

Your acceptance is based on you:

  • Being confident in your shamanic journeying skills and having a spiritual practice.
    • Doing prior work with me or having a PHONE INTERVIEW.
      • Completing your application: APPLY HERE.
        • Paying your application deposit of $205 by 7/1/17:

Why I've Created This Mentoring Program

It took me 30 years and writing a book to understand the wisdom I embody and live.

Even with many wonderful teachers, I found I had to integrate the threads of my spiritual practice on my own. I had to weave my unique path from many strands.

All this time I've been weaving my spiritual strands—core shamanism, Vipassana meditation, Andean cosmovision, Energy Alchemy, yoga, Priestess of the Goddess, healing with spiritual light, and Medicine for the Earth—into a coherent and integrated whole that I draw on daily.

I’ve been through many life lessons and challenges—some that would have torn many families apart. I meandered through five “careers” (I didn’t call them that) before I integrated my passions for teaching, writing, nature, and spirit into doing what I love daily. The heart of me is dedicated to serving, sharing, and guiding others into their luminous wholeness.

I don’t have a magic potion. I am joyful, grounded, insightful, playful, compassionate, and imaginative. I regularly use the shamanic, animist, and spiritual tools I’ll share with you. I love adventure, connection, sacred place, and the mystical.

I know the pitfalls. I want to empower you and make it easier. I want to see you shine and thrive in your sacred power, love, and vision. I want to open the doors so you can fulfill your sacred destiny and help create a more beautiful world.

For fourteen months you’ll get my whole attention, love, and energy as you become the full, 100% unique you, cultivating your passions, purpose, skills, and sacred destiny.

“We all have our way of entering into connection with spirit—plants, stones, meditation, sound, dance—no one will take light from your star” ~ Américo Yábar

Q & A

Q: What am I committing to?

  • Gathering with our circle of women in person at secluded retreat centers in Northern California (first one: Boulder Creek). We will meet three times, for four days each, over the course of 14 months.

  • Participating in and contributing to twice-monthly group video conference calls for nourishment, integration, learning, questions, and communion.

  • Willingness to change limiting beliefs and habits that keep you in a rut, unable to reach the potential you know is inside you.

  • Receiving support in personal mentoring sessions, video conference calls, and group sessions.

  • Illuminating your essential self—your love, vision, and sacred power—and how that will manifest as your service in the world.

  • Being inspired and encouraged to continue your personal inquiry and practice throughout the 14 months and beyond.

  • A payment plan with several options.

  • A closed circle. Once you join us and we gather together, no one else will be allowed in. This keeps it tight, committed, and safe for all. There is room for only eight women.

Q: What does it cost?

Program fee is $5481 to $6305, depending on your Payment Plan, which covers:

  • Accommodations for each retreat gathering date in Northern California.

  • Delicious, healthy meals and snacks catered to your dietary needs.

  • Guidance through journeys, initiations, medicine walks, energy practices, meditations, solo time in nature, sacred art projects, small groups, 1:1s, and ceremonies.

  • Support and mentoring on your journey in six personal sessions, private FB group, and twice-monthly video conference calls during the 14 months.

  • Program materials.

  • Ongoing inquiry, inspiration, and connection.

Q: How do I know if I am being called to the program?

  • You yearn to reconnect with your deepest spiritual purpose, translating it into grounded, creative, brilliant action.

  • You seek to integrate all the pieces of your spiritual wisdom into a whole woven cloth, a resilient vision that flowers into your true path.

  • You are ready to receive support and inspiration—from one who has walked this road—as you integrate your wisdom, open your heart, and shine your light fully.

  • You long for union—that ephemeral, numinous connection with all living beings.

  • You seek to cultivate a daily practice that feeds, sustains, and nurtures your whole self—practical and mystical, spiritual and emotional.

  • You know a container of support will help you blossom, moving past self-doubt and into sustained confidence.

  • You are drawn to the mystery of the stars and the worlds beyond.

  • Your know that working in a field of energy—a container of support—will help all of us move beyond self-doubt and other impediments of mind.

  • You need to build confidence, courage, and intent to sustain your metamorphosis.

  • You dream of being in service to the world.

“When you experience union, the present moment holds everything. You live in the heart of the universe.” ~ Rainbow Serpent Guide

Q: Can't I fulfill my sacred destiny on my own?

Of course you can go it alone.

Yet the wisdom of a seasoned elder, the insights of peers on this path, and the power of a shared field of energy as we explore our sacred destinies—all this will:

  • Guide you deeper and more quickly on your path.

  • Empower you to step into your love, vision, and sacred power with a community supporting you.

  • Augment and expand your own skills and wisdom.

No matter what your destiny calls you to do, the processes we’ll use together will help you create a beautiful weaving, a more beautiful world.

Q: When was the last time you:

Consistently felt the confidence, courage, creativity, and intent necessary to sustain your path and fulfill your sacred destiny?

Drew from your own wellspring and the profound wisdom of nature day after day?

Felt truly supported in being who you are meant to be? Slowed enough to focus and feed your creativity and spirit?

Spent time in communion with powerful, joyful women?

Let yourself dive deep into your inner silence, your wisdom, and the mystery of the cosmos?

How Do I Apply?

    1. GO HERE to fill out your application.

    2. Have a PHONE INTERVIEW if you have not done prior workshops with me.

    3. Pay your application deposit by 7/1/17 of $205 to hold your place.

"Know without a doubt that your own wisdom is held inside you…" ~ Helen McCarthy

  • Awed at the Power

    I know it’s vital that I was in the right place in my own self, and I very much believe that the Munay-Ki transmissions played a huge part in the leaps forward in my connection with the Spirit world, my ability to walk-between-worlds, my practice, and my intent for this life and path…I can’t help but be amazed and awed at the power of these rites, and the impact they’ve had on my life.

    Moria Feighery-Ross
  • Fundamental Change

    Every aspect of my moment-to-moment awareness in the world has changed. I see a bigger picture in my perception of situations…I have changed fundamentally, at a deep level…I feel very fortunate that I finally found the seeds of my new beginnings.

    Carol Crestetto Dagara Divination, Ancestral Reconnections, and Shamanic Journeywork
  • Wise and Compassionate

    Wise and compassionate, Meg shares her knowledge and experience of working with other shamans and the spirits in a lovely place in Sonoma, Northern California. I recommend her to anyone who would like to find or renew his/her connection to nature and the world of spirit. Meg is an excellent Shamanic Practitioner!

    Susie Mader Madergreen.com
  • Impeccable

    You are an incredible teacher, creating a powerful mix of experience and explanation in the most helpful proportions and, as always, being an impeccable reader of the group's energy to provide just the shifts needed at just the right time.

    Linea Stewart