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  • Earth-based Spiritual Path

    Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life reminds us that our individual energy currents are intimately woven into the greater universe—the cosmos itself. This is an excellent guidebook with clear and powerful exercises for developing a consciousness that recognizes our place in the ever-unfolding universe. Because the earth has changed quite dramatically in recent generations, it is more important than ever for people who follow an earth-based spiritual path, such as shamanism, to align themselves with the current changes.

    Tom Cowan Author, Shamanism As a Spiritual Practice for Daily Life, wp.riverdrum.com

    Powerfully Transformative

    Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life is a powerfully transformative work that invites us to explore our relationship with the natural world through expanded awareness and perception. Meg Beeler leads the way on this journey, graced by insights from her transformative experiences with indigenous peoples who know that the living energy of all things is as interconnected, essential, and integral as breath. And conscious breathing, and appreciation for how we perceive ourselves in relation to others has the power to heal. This book will be a welcome guide for anyone seriously interested in spiritual and intuitive growth.

    Cynthia Sue Larson Author, Reality Shifts and Quantum Jumps, www.realityshifters.com
  • Nature As Healer

    Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life gently and persistently calls us out of our cultural trance and into reciprocal connection with the natural world. In the book, Meg Beeler shows how nature can be the healer of what is stuck, dark, and heavy in the human psyche. She offers a palette of simple practices that anyone can use to move outside the box of a culture that keeps us in our heads. The book also makes clear that doing this work of moving our energy and fully inhabiting our bodies and hearts is the foundation for dreaming a new world of abundance and beauty into being.

    Lorraine Anderson Editor, Earth & Eros and Sisters of the Earth

    Sacred Connection

    In breezy, understandable prose, Meg leads you on a journey within, teaching you simple practices that will reconnect you with what so many in modern Western culture have lost: your sacred connection to All That Is. With simple exercises, you can relearn to gaze into the infinite mystery to find your true home: the stars, the Living Mother Earth, and your own heart.

    Patt O’Neill Owner/Editor/Publisher www.incaglossary.org
  • An Anchor

    I always come away from an experience with Meg feeling more aligned and connected to my spirit helpers and my community. She is like an anchor, and her land is a healing force.

    Claudia Comerci starsinjars.com

    Helped Me Go Deeper Into My Own Work

    Meg's work is inclusive, allowing you to understand what works for you. She accepts wherever you are in your process. She helped me sink into a deeper way of “knowing” that helped me pull a lot of things together. I was able to develop an ongoing relationship and deeper connection, allowing me to go deeper into my own work. I continue to use the tools I learned with Meg daily.

    Heidi Irgens Energease Sound Healing, energease.com
  • Enriched My Life and My Practice

    Connecting to Earth, Spirits of land and place, Munay-Ki energies of ancestors, the luminous ones, cosmic beings, and all the amazing, beautiful beings of light—all of these connections enriched my practice and my life in an expansive and powerful way.

    Elizabeth Miller sacredtouch.info

    Wise and Compassionate

    Wise and compassionate, Meg shares her knowledge and experience of working with other shamans and the spirits in a lovely place in Sonoma, Northern California. I recommend her to anyone who would like to find or renew his/her connection to nature and the world of spirit. Meg is an excellent Shamanic Practitioner!

    Susie Mader Madergreen.com
  • Life Changing

    I'm so grateful for your help and lessons. Our work was life changing.

    Natalie Kivak

    Meg's Calm, Serene Presence Is Irresistible

    If you are seeking a refuge from life's daily stresses, Meg's calm, serene presence is irresistible. I've spent time with Meg for many years, gathering tule reeds to build a ceremonial boat, leaning against trees to exchange healing energy, and entering into deep ceremonial journeying in the comfort of her healing space. Meg is a quiet, forceful presence who should not be missed.

    Susan Lewis
  • Ready to Grow Wings

    My deepest gratitude for being trusted teacher and mentor when my spirit was at last ready to grow wings.

    Helena Longin


    You are an incredible teacher, creating a powerful mix of experience and explanation in the most helpful proportions and, as always, being an impeccable reader of the group's energy to provide just the shifts needed at just the right time.

    Linea Stewart
  • Most Important Vision of My Life

    I’d never attended any ceremony to celebrate the summer solstice. What would it be like? Like nothing else I’d ever experienced! My back was to the South in the circle Meg had us create in her medicine wheel. Meg invited us to ‘journey,’ inviting in our spirit helpers. I do not journey and had no spirit guide. The sun was fierce on my back. And in my body, Mountain Lion arose. Shamanic practice calls this ‘merging.’ I simply experienced the tremendous power of this animal, as spirit, within me.

    In a tremulous voice, when Meg asked each one of us to share our experience, I spoke: Of women throwing off their fetters, recognizing the persuasive power of their erotic, vital being, long suppressed, in order to bring men back into harmoniously dynamic relation with the true nature of Life, never more seriously threatened than by man-made climate change. This dream, together with Mountain Lion’s merging with my spirit, informs the most important vision of my life and its mission.

    Xoe Wrangler

    Soul Remembering

    I really appreciate your gentle, thoughtful, loving, knowledgeable kindness and guidance during this entire soul remembering process. It has been life-changing for me. I love to think of my eyes now and see myself alive and alert, and to be able to feel with the whole of me. I'm so much less afraid, I don't hold myself back as much as I used to, and it feels that I will be able to keep on doing it because I learned a new way of being.

    Betsy Maness
  • Power of Connectedness

    Thank you for bringing us all together at the despacho ceremony, including us in the power of the work you do with the mountains and the earth and the star energy and the HUMMINGBIRD -- filament of connection! It is comforting indeed to believe that the power of connectedness is greater than we know.

    Dana Osborn Deva Gardening, devainspiredgardening.com

    Connecting with My Heart

    Thank you for being so open, authentic, and honest. So vulnerable. The words you convey speak for so many: we are all connected in one way or another...thank you for connecting with my heart!

    Raylene Dohn
  • What a Difference in My Life

    I feel complete after my 17 year old soul part has returned. I no longer have my life-long fear of being rejected. In the past I’ve held back a large part of myself for protection or fear rejection; now I can give my whole self in any relationship without questioning. I clearly see what a difference soul retrieval has made in my life and my relationships.

    Claudia Limacher
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