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How Do I Know If I Need a Soul Retrieval?

How Do I Know If I Need a Soul Retrieval?

Do you feel "empty" or that "something is missing"?

Are you feeling detached, as if life is passing you by?

Do you suffer chronic illness or grief?

Have you "lost" your memories of events or entire periods of your life?

All these feelings can indicate that you may have lost your vital essence, or soul.

Such loss is a self-protective response to trauma. When your psyche feels it cannot survive a particular situation—whether abuse, addiction, or danger—part of you may split off, or dissociate. This loss creates damage to your energy body and your spirit.

When you are out of the traumatic situation or more able to cope, the lost parts may return on their own or with your conscious effort.

When your loss is so great that you can't seem to get yourself back on track, no matter what you try, you may need help in recovering your lost essence and support in remembering and experiencing your wholeness.

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What Happens in a Soul Retrieval?

What Happens in a Soul Retrieval?

Soul retrieval is a gift to you from the spirit world. It is a classic shamanic healing technique, known and used worldwide in nearly every indigenous culture.

Your part in the retrieval and remembering process is to:

  • Have clear intent.

  • Commit to your own healing and remembering as I support you every step of the way.

  • Receive, welcome, and make friends with your returned essence(s) during our follow-up sessions.

We start with an initial meeting. We talk about how you experience your life, the feelings that brought you to this place.

Then I do a divination journey to inquire about your soul loss and any preparation the spirits want from you. My spirit helpers almost always offer a “prescription” for you to follow—preparatory work that helps you be ready and open to what is returned to you. When you have completed your prescription, if so guided, we schedule your soul retrieval ceremony. I always do these ceremonies in person.

During the soul retrieval ceremony, I work with my helping spirits to track and return one or more lost essences (parts) to you, bringing them back from the realms they have inhabited.

In this process, the spirits—power animals and Teachers who are my allies and with whom I maintain a deeply reciprocal relationship—guide and help me find what is lost, learn the gifts and strengths they are bringing back to you, and ask what the returning parts might want from you so they can feel safe and cared for.

I carry the energy of your returning parts and blow them into you (literally). You spend quiet time absorbing what has been returned. You may spend some time outside, asking a tree for advice on rooting your returned parts. Finally, I share with you what I learned and what gifts have been brought back to you as part of your wholeness.

This retrieval replaces what belongs in you, your essence that "came into this life to have adventures, grow, and evolve."

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Regain Your Wholeness and Become Who You Were Meant to Be

What Is Soul Remembering?

What Is Soul Remembering?

After your soul retrieval is performed, the remembering work done by you is essential.

  • You learn to keep and root your soul parts.

  • You explore the qualities that have been returned to you with your essence.

  • You discover how to use your new energy.

  • You release attitudes and habits that continue to block your wholeness. 

  • You step into your essence with grounded energy, clarity, and open-heartedness.

During soul remembering, you gain knowledge of your soul's purpose in the world. The gifts, talents, and strengths that soul remembering brings to you provide beauty, vitality, and awareness as you move forward.

I guide you in this process of re-membering. It is a spiritual healing that results in regained wholeness. It is a journey of discovery, like learning a lover or long-lost friend, familiar and mysterious at once.

I ask you to commit to six follow-up and support sessions for your remembering. In these, you will learn to embrace, make space for, and nurture your returned essence.

I support and lead you in guided visualization and/or shamanic journeying (many clients first learn to journey during these sessions!)

We do ceremony together. You learn skills and tools for continuing your integration and self-empowerment.

Initial and follow-up sessions can be done in person or by phone. I do not, however, do long distance soul retrieval ceremonies.

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  • Soul Remembering

    I really appreciate your gentle, thoughtful, loving, knowledgeable kindness and guidance during this entire soul remembering process. It has been life-changing for me. I love to think of my eyes now and see myself alive and alert, and to be able to feel with the whole of me. I'm so much less afraid, I don't hold myself back as much as I used to, and it feels that I will be able to keep on doing it because I learned a new way of being.

    Betsy Maness
  • What a Difference in My Life

    I feel complete after my 17 year old soul part has returned. I no longer have my life-long fear of being rejected. In the past I’ve held back a large part of myself for protection or fear rejection; now I can give my whole self in any relationship without questioning. I clearly see what a difference soul retrieval has made in my life and my relationships.

    Claudia Limacher
  • Life Changing

    I'm so grateful for your help and lessons. Our work was life changing.

    Natalie Kivak