Do You Yearn to Deepen Your Connection with Spirit and Nature?

Discover how shamanic training can empower you to explore the mysteries of the cosmos.

Shamanic training can help you discover your sacred power and vision, helping you to:

Connect deeply with nature, spirit, and the cosmos
Heal yourself and help others to heal
Live in balance and reciprocity
Find your true path

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Do you want to mentor with Meg?

Consider mentoring if you are looking for:

  • Guidance in finding and walking your soul's path.

  • Support in integrating transformative and visionary experiences.

  • Seasoned shamanic help resolving an intractable issue.

  • Guidance in weaving what you know and love into a whole cloth.

You can set up private mentoring sessions in person or via Skype.

You can join the new mentoring group, Fulfill Your Sacred Destiny: a 14-Month Spiritual Mentoring Group.

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Cultivate Your Heart, Your Vision, and Your Sacred Power with Meg Beeler

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

June 17-18, 10-5, in Sonoma

The world around us is alive and inspirited! In this introduction to shamanism, you will learn to see with your heart and explore the three worlds of shamanism. You will discover how to access the timeless wisdom known to our ancestors.

Shamanic journeying is a fantastic, experiential way of learning, and I love to share it.

In this Shamanic Journey Workshop you will:

  • Meet your helping spirits, find answers to questions, and discover the basic ideas and techniques of cross-cultural shamanism.

  • Be initiated into the practice of shamanic journeying accompanied by live drumming.

  • Be introduced to the practices of divination, direct revelation, reading the signs, journey, and trance to solve problems, develop relationships, and heal.

  • Learn how to create sacred space, honor the directions, and create a simple ceremony.

  • Explore how shamanism can be applied in daily life to help yourself, others, and the planet come into balance.

Who Should Attend?


  • Are curious about shamanism and want to experience it.

  • Are ready to refresh and deepen your journey skills.

  • Yearn to work interactively and collaboratively with nature, the elements, and each other.

  • Want to develop your inner authority, learn tools to explore any question, and trust in the answers you receive.

  • Are ready to deepen your connection to the Earth and everything alive

  • Are ready to renew yourself in the peacefulness of Meg’s healing space, vibrant oak woodlands, and powerful Medicine Wheel.

Join us.

You will learn how to set intent, ask your questions, and read signs to help yourself and world come into balance. You will experience resonance. You'll feel rejuvenated, connected, and full of fresh energy. You may even be ready to begin a new path!

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Want to Grow Your Shamanic Skills and Way of Life?

Want to Grow Your Shamanic Skills and Way of Life?

Shamanic learning is experiential—you do it and feel what it's like!

Training, mentoring, and workshops can give you experiences like these:

  • Flow into the web of life that surrounds and nurtures you.

  • Experience the sacred power and possibilities of transformation.

  • Expand your nurturing, rooted connection with nature and the spirits of nature.

  • Find your way back into harmony with the universe and your own soul, forging sacred, reciprocal relationships that nurture the planet.

And can teach you to:

  • Journey shamanically and inquire into story and meaning as you build your mediating and change-making skills.

  • Develop your extrasensory and meditative abilities as you build your relationship with the spirit in all things.

  • Explore ancient wisdom practices for moving and transforming energy—your own, that of groups, the energy of the world.

To learn more about the possiblities for your shamanic training, download your free guide, “Learning Shamanic Ways: Training, Mentoring, and Workshops with Meg Beeler.”

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Learn Shamanic Ways

Learn how to heal yourself and help others to heal.

Find out about learning shamanic ways with Meg.

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  • A Joy to Work With

    Meg is a joy to work with. She synthesizes information in a way that is accessible and fun. With her support, I was able to shift many limiting beliefs and access my true radiance. She is a grounded practitioner who cares deeply for the Earth and the Cosmos.

    Claudia Comerci
  • Impeccable

    You are an incredible teacher, creating a powerful mix of experience and explanation in the most helpful proportions and, as always, being an impeccable reader of the group's energy to provide just the shifts needed at just the right time.

    Linea Stewart
  • Amazing Initiation

    You have given an amazing introduction to and initiation into Q’ero cosmology and spirituality. …amazing journeys, lessons and dreams were coming to me one after the other in quick succession.

    Moria Feighery-Ross
  • Rich and Powerful Experiences

    My shamanic apprenticeship with Meg has been filled with rich and powerful experiences that have greatly enhanced my understanding of the connectedness between us and The Universe. With Meg's support, I have developed my skills in shamanic journeying and healing modalities that have been very useful for my work and for my personal life.

    Pamela R. Shepherd, R.N.
  • Fundamental Change

    Every aspect of my moment-to-moment awareness in the world has changed. I see a bigger picture in my perception of situations…I have changed fundamentally, at a deep level…I feel very fortunate that I finally found the seeds of my new beginnings.

    Carol Crestetto Dagara Divination, Ancestral Reconnections, and Shamanic Journeywork