Seeking Healing, Support, Transformation? Let Meg Guide You

Are You Ready for Shamanic Mentoring?

  • Do you yearn to renew your spirit, embody your power, and stay in alignment through the challenges of your life?

  • Are you looking for guidance in finding and walking your own path?

  • Do you want to discover your inner authority through new shamanic, spiritual, and energetic initiations, yet feel stuck?

  • Are you seeking support for integrating and grounding new energy, expanded spiritual states, or transformative experiences?

  • Have you had wonderful mystical experiences and are not sure what to do next, how to ground, or how to continue your exploration?

Shamanic mentoring can help you when you need spiritual, energetic, and shamanic support and guidance!

I meet you right where you are in your life, listening with compassion, working with our spirit helpers to guide you into your next steps.

When I mentor you, we work in collaboration with each other, with spirit, and with nature. I become your guide, support, and coach, sharing wisdom, experience, and knowledge as appropriate.

We focus on your questions, your needs, and your self-empowerment in a relation of trust, support, and inquiry. We focus on what you say you need—from self-care and personal transformation to advanced skills in dreaming, visioning and healing. You build your courage and your skill in integrating your experiences. You see how to implement your vision.

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Do You Want to Feel Whole?

Get Help Reclaiming Your Essence and Soul

  • Do you feel "empty" or that "something is missing"?

  • Are you feel detached, as if life is passing you by?

  • Do you suffer chronic illness or grief?

  • Have you "lost" entire periods of your life?

All these feelings can indicate that you've lost your vital essence, or soul. Such loss, though it is is a self-protective response to trauma, creates damage to your energy body and your spirit. 

When you can't seem to get yourself back on track, no matter what you try, you may need help in recovering your lost essence and support in remembering and experiencing your wholeness. 

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Are You Seeking Shamanic Empowerment?

Do you have an issue in your life you cannot solve—relationship dynamics, mid-life crises, inability to move forward, how to follow your dreams?

Shamanic guidance can bring you exactly the answers you need right now. Shamanic empowerment helps you live with gusto!

  • Are you ready to heal old wounds and move on?

  • Would you like to bring your heart, mind, energy and spirit into alignment?

  • Are you ready to receive spiritual support as you find your way?

  • Do you yearn for your passionate purpose in this life?

Being supported and empowered starts with your intent: what you most deeply want to know, be, or do.

My spirit helpers and I travel to parallel dimensions to find prescriptions, answers, healing ceremonies, or other guidance to support and empower you. We may bring back something that's missing or remove something that doesn't belong. Our explorations together are mystical, connective, fun, and visionary!

Above all, shamanic empowerment helps you align your love, vision, and sacred power so you can do what you were meant to do in this life.

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  • Wise and Compassionate

    Wise and compassionate, Meg shares her knowledge and experience of working with other shamans and the spirits in a lovely place in Sonoma, Northern California. I recommend her to anyone who would like to find or renew his/her connection to nature and the world of spirit. Meg is an excellent Shamanic Practitioner!

    Susie Mader
  • Impeccable

    You are an incredible teacher, creating a powerful mix of experience and explanation in the most helpful proportions and, as always, being an impeccable reader of the group's energy to provide just the shifts needed at just the right time.

    Linea Stewart
  • Life Changing

    I'm so grateful for your help and lessons. Our work was life changing.

    Natalie Kivak
  • Soul Remembering

    I really appreciate your gentle, thoughtful, loving, knowledgeable kindness and guidance during this entire soul remembering process. It has been life-changing for me. I love to think of my eyes now and see myself alive and alert, and to be able to feel with the whole of me. I'm so much less afraid, I don't hold myself back as much as I used to, and it feels that I will be able to keep on doing it because I learned a new way of being.

    Betsy Maness
  • Inspiring and Magnetic

    Your kindness and spiritual connection are inspiring and magnetic. Thanks for your love and wisdom that you have shared with me.

    Vedantin Ping Luo
  • Meg's Calm, Serene Presence Is Irresistible

    If you are seeking a refuge from life's daily stresses, Meg's calm, serene presence is irresistible. I've spent time with Meg for many years, gathering tule reeds to build a ceremonial boat, leaning against trees to exchange healing energy, and entering into deep ceremonial journeying in the comfort of her healing space. Meg is a quiet, forceful presence who should not be missed.

    Susan Lewis
  • Rich and Powerful Experiences

    My shamanic apprenticeship with Meg has been filled with rich and powerful experiences that have greatly enhanced my understanding of the connectedness between us and The Universe. With Meg's support, I have developed my skills in shamanic journeying and healing modalities that have been very useful for my work and for my personal life.

    Pamela R. Shepherd, R.N.

Manage Your Energy!

Manage Your Energy!

This video introduces the Energy Alchemy practices detailed in Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life.

You'll learn about managing your energy, shifting out of your heart heaviness, and reconnecting with the wondrous world around you.

When you let go of old patterns, as the book explains, you have the potential to create anew, grow new relationships, and deepen your connections with nature.

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Discover Shamanism and You...

Shift from density in your life—problems, worry, sadness—into the beauty of connection with all that is. Discover shamanism. Talk to Meg!

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