Are You Ready to Dream a New Dream for the Earth?

How can we walk together on the path of heart and way of peace?

As we move through the challenging transitions of these times, we have wonderful opportunities for coming into balance with each other and the earth.

Shamanic living—especially in the context of tribe or community—inspires us to dream, believe, and be more.

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What Is Shamanic Living?

What Is Shamanic Living?

Living shamanically means engaging with the spiritual and the physical on a regular basis. It means applying shamanic principles to all you do. It means integrating what you learn in workshops, ceremonies, and healing into your life!

Living shamanically means stepping beyond the personal ego as you develop relationships with everything alive.

It means strengthening your personal practice and service to your community through healing ceremony.

Living shamanically means:

  • Deepening your relationship with nature and spirit.
  • Strengthening your daily practices of connection, gratitude, reciprocity, and receptivity.
  • Listening for guidance from all living beings—trees, stones, whales, plants, and hummingbirds.
  • Working in community to learn and support each other.
  • Participating in ceremony for balance and harmony.
  • Learning about and engaging with the energy in everything.

Shamanic living brings you incredible gifts of spirit, harmony, and connection.

Strengthening your daily shamanic living practices, you will:

Feel supported and loved by all living beings.
  • Be able to model connection and inner peace to others.
  • Experience deep spiritual reconnection with nature.
  • Replace any powerlessness and inadequacy with your sacred spiritual power.
  • Engage in conscious co-creation of a more beautiful world.
  • Experience the gifts of reciprocity.

As we step into harmony, reciprocity, and our wild natures, a more beautiful world comes into being. Together, we vision and create the future we want to inhabit!

As a bridge (chakaruna)—between Eagle (the mind of the North) and Condor (the heart of the South)—my role is to inspire, mentor, write about, and help you connect with these pathways.

If you want to visualize, experience, deepen, and embody your physical, energetic, spiritual, shamanic, and mystical connections with all living beings, I can guide you.

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How Does Shamanic Journeying Help You Live?

How Does Shamanic Journeying Help You Live?

Shamanic journeying gives you body knowing and soul knowing, that, in turn, can fuel your work at cellular levels and transform the world. It is a path full of the richness of the unknown, the wonder of Américo Yábar’s advice:

"To become human one must make room in oneself for the immensities of the Universe."

Shamanic journeying is divinatory—asking questions, receiving guidance, tracking the past and future—as well as ceremonial. It is relational—guided by your reciprocal engagement with spirit, nature beings, and the living energy throughout the cosmos.

Shamanic inquiry through journeying is empowering because it gives you exactly the answers you need right now. It guides you towards your inner authority because it is something you experience in your physical body, your energy body, your spirit, and your heart. Shamanic wisdom comes from seeing with the heart.

Journeying to and working with the spirits of nature—the spirits of stones and springs, plants and animals, mountains and winds, sun, moon and stars, and the elements—lead you to ways of harmony and balance with the universe. They take you beyond the boundaries of ego and into deeply felt interrelationship with all things. They offer you experiences of transcendence, healing, and transformation.

You might want to learn shamanic journeying or further develop your skills if all these qualities draw you and you:

  • Have a power animal or helper and don’t know how to engage with it.
  • Want to deepen your connection with nature and spirit.
  • Are drawn to metaphor and direct revelation, ancient wisdom and mystical insight.
  • Seek to bring your mind, heart, energy and spirit into alignment.
  • Want to learn to alter your consciousness at will and explore the three worlds with intent, focus, and the assistance of your spirit helpers.
  • Dream of finding your way back into harmony with the universe and your own soul, forging sacred, reciprocal relationships that nurture the planet.

For most of us, steeped in the separateness and individuation that define our culture, it is a gift to discover deep connection and reciprocity in the spirit world. The spirits make sure that you learn the value and necessity of reciprocity—the mutual exchange of energy, appreciation, and respect, deepening over time—in nearly every shamanic journey. They teach you what you need to know, and sustain you in the process. Exploring with them is mystical, connective, fun, and visionary!

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Changing the World

Shamanic living can change the trajectory of the world. It is a path full of the richness of the unknown, the wonder of the Grandmother’s advice:

“Love the earth. You must take care of the earth or we will not live.”

If you seek this shamanic life, join Earth Caretakers for our monthly shamanic journey group, ceremony, and nature inquiry gatherings.

As we step into harmony, reciprocity, and our wild natures, a more beautiful world comes into being
. Together, we vision and create the future we want to inhabit!

Why Find a Shamanic Tribe?

Why Find a Shamanic Tribe?

We no longer live in traditional villages with ancient ritual, ceremony, and practice. We have to come together with intent—for community ceremony, healing, support, mystery, celebration, and moving the energy of the world.

The three tribal aspects of living a shamanic life and becoming Earth Caretakers include community, ceremony, and becoming part of nature.

Community Circles: #1

Sitting in circle together, we nurture our community and the power of collective intent. We feed our tribal awareness with regular, shared practice.

I host a monthly shamanic journey group in Sonoma to support regular community connections. Join us.

Ceremonies for Balance: #2

We create ceremony together to affect the world, bring balance, see with heart, and do “world work” to address global issues and our personal part in them.

We honor the transition markers of the year (Solstice and Equinox).

I host ceremonies to facilitate personal and world harmony. Join us!

Become a Part of Nature: #3

There are many ways to immerse yourself with nature and spirit—medicine walks, vision quests, nature retreats, sense of place walks. Through them you explore and receive direct revelation from living beings.

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Connecting with Nature and Listening for Guidance

Connecting with Nature and Listening for Guidance

Immerse yourself with nature and spirit.

Explore your connections.

Receive direct revelation
from living beings.

My own connections are deep, so I love guiding others in groups and personal quests:

Medicine walks

Vision quests

Nature retreats

Sense of place walks

Seeds for Your Becoming: Munay-Ki Energy Transmissions

We share inquiry, support each other, and deepen our experience together.

Energetic transmissions and empowerments
from traditional cultures—such as the Munay-Ki transmissions from The Q’ero of Peru that I do—are one way to deepen your connection, perception, and understanding of how to engage deeply with spirit, nature, and the whole universe.

Personal quests—supported and guided—are another way to deepen your connections, explore an issue you seek clarity on, and listen for guidance from nature and spirit.

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  • Enriched My Life and My Practice

    Connecting to Earth, Spirits of land and place, Munay-Ki energies of ancestors, the luminous ones, cosmic beings, and all the amazing, beautiful beings of light—all of these connections enriched my practice and my life in an expansive and powerful way.

    Elizabeth Miller
  • An Anchor

    I always come away from an experience with Meg feeling more aligned and connected to my spirit helpers and my community. She is like an anchor, and her land is a healing force.

    Claudia Comerci
  • Awakened Me

    Meg's deeply-rooted and Earth-connected teachings awakened me. Stepping into Meg's circle is powerful, practical, and effective for body, mind, and spirit.

    Bobbye Middendorf