Do You Yearn for Transformation and Healing?

Discover how shamanic healing can help you solve problems, receive support, and find inner peace.

Shamanic healing can create profound, lasting improvements in your life, helping you to:

Find clarity, connection, and wholeness
Restore energy and vitality
Discover new pathways
Heal soul and spirit

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Do You Want to Feel Whole?

Do You Want to Feel Whole?

  • Do you feel "empty" or that "something is missing"?

  • Are you feeling detached, as if life is passing you by?

  • Do you suffer chronic illness or grief?

  • Have you "lost" entire periods of your life?

All these feelings can indicate that you've lost a part of your vital essence, or soul. Although such loss is a self-protective response to trauma, it creates damage to your energy body and your spirit. 

When you can't seem to get yourself back on track, no matter what you try, you may need help in recovering this lost essence, remembering, and experiencing your wholeness. 

To learn more about what happens in soul retrieval healing, download your free guide, “Soul Retrieval: Remembering Your Soul Parts, Embracing Your Wholeness.”

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Do You Want to Be Healed and Empowered?

Do You Want to Be Healed and Empowered?

Shamanic healing is so ancient—it’s been practiced for at least 50,000 years—that it can address essentially all issues, symptoms, and perceptions you might be concerned with.

Here’s a brief summary of the reasons to seek shamanic healing and empowerment:

  • If you have an issue in your life you cannot solve, shamanic healing can help you transform and live your full potential. For example, shamanic healing can help you with:

    • Relationship dynamics

    • Mid-life transitions

    • Inability to move forward

    • Following and implementing your dreams

  • If you have a habit that gets in your way and other problem-solving techniques haven’t worked, shamanic healing can help you change patterns and find new pathways. For example, shamanic healing can help you with:

    • Low self-esteem

    • Perfectionism

    • Lack of trust

    • Paralysis from overthinking

  • If you are burdened by other people’s energy, shamanic healing can give you the tools you need. For example, shamanic healing can help when you:

    • Want help maintaining better boundaries

    • Don’t take care of yourself

    • Feel disconnected

    • Are tired of not fitting in

Shamanic healing, support, and empowerment can give you exactly the guidance and answers you need right now.

You will experience healing at all levels; physically, spiritually, emotionally, and energetically.

I engage with my spirit helpers to find answers and guidance on your questions. Our explorations are mystical, connective, fun, and profound!

Shamanism gives you body knowing and soul knowing. That, in turn, can affect your healing at cellular levels and change the trajectory of the world.

To learn more about how shamanic healing can help you transform and heal now, download your free guide, “Is Shamanic Healing for Me?”

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"The cure for exhaustion is not rest, but wholeheartedness." ~ Brother David Stendl-Rast

  • Soul Remembering

    I really appreciate your gentle, thoughtful, loving, knowledgeable kindness and guidance during this entire soul remembering process. It has been life-changing for me. I love to think of my eyes now and see myself alive and alert, and to be able to feel with the whole of me. I'm so much less afraid, I don't hold myself back as much as I used to, and it feels that I will be able to keep on doing it because I learned a new way of being.

    Betsy Maness
  • Meg's Calm, Serene Presence Is Irresistible

    If you are seeking a refuge from life's daily stresses, Meg's calm, serene presence is irresistible. I've spent time with Meg for many years, gathering tule reeds to build a ceremonial boat, leaning against trees to exchange healing energy, and entering into deep ceremonial journeying in the comfort of her healing space. Meg is a quiet, forceful presence who should not be missed.

    Susan Lewis
  • Wise and Compassionate

    Wise and compassionate, Meg shares her knowledge and experience of working with other shamans and the spirits in a lovely place in Sonoma, Northern California. I recommend her to anyone who would like to find or renew his/her connection to nature and the world of spirit. Meg is an excellent Shamanic Practitioner!

    Susie Mader
  • What a Difference in My Life

    I feel complete after my 17 year old soul part has returned. I no longer have my life-long fear of being rejected. In the past I’ve held back a large part of myself for protection or fear rejection; now I can give my whole self in any relationship without questioning. I clearly see what a difference soul retrieval has made in my life and my relationships.

    Claudia Limacher
  • Inspiring and Magnetic

    Your kindness and spiritual connection are inspiring and magnetic. Thanks for your love and wisdom that you have shared with me.

    Vedantin Ping Luo