Create a Life of Harmony and Balance through Ancient Ceremony

Discover how shamanic ceremony can heal and harmonize you, your community, and the world.

Shamanic ceremony can help you align your sacred power and vision, guiding you to:

Deepen your reciprocal relationships with spirits of the land and nature
Affect balance and harmony in your family, community, and world
Enter a space of transformation and heart connection
Shift your consciousness

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Curious About the Andean Despacho Ceremony?

Curious About the Andean Despacho Ceremony?

If you have traveled in a sacred way to the Andes in Peru, Bolivia, or Ecuador, you have probably experienced a despacho.

A traditional Quechua ceremony of offering to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and the apus (mountains) in reciprocity and connection, a despacho is an act of love. It is an embodiment of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. At the deepest level, it is an opportunity for you to enter into the essential unity of all things, the living energy of the universe.

The healing intention of a particular despacho—such as bringing harmony and balance to the earth, making connections with the star beings, honoring new beginnings, or getting rid of an illness—determines the sacred geometry of the offering as well as the contents.

At every stage of construction a despacho is beautiful; when complete, it becomes a shimmering mandala of energy and intent. When it is burned (or buried) it releases heavy, disorganized energy (hucha) and transmutes it into light, refined, harmonious energy (sami)—gifted to the mountains (apus) and traveling to all corners of the universe.

Since I first experienced despachos with Américo Yábar and the Q’ero paqos, I have been fascinated by their power and honored to learn and share this tradition.

Focusing on the despacho’s transformative possibilities for our relationship with the earth, I have been creating community despachos for gratitude, dreaming, forgiveness, grief, balance, creation, solstice, and equinox for over 20 years. We have made despachos on the mountains around the San Francisco Bay; we have offered star (ch’aska) despachos around the world.

If you are drawn to:

  • Learning the meanings, layers, parts, and effects of a despacho ceremony
  • Experiencing ceremony as profoundly transformative, accessible, and normal
  • Learning how to create your own powerful ceremonies
  • Being guided through the whole inspiring process of planning, creating, and burning a despacho

Then contact me to guide a despacho in your community, or come to one in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Excited to Explore Transfiguration in Ceremony?

Excited to Explore Transfiguration in Ceremony?

Become Your Shining Divinity and Be Present With All That Is...

In learning to transfigure into your essence, you uncover what is already present in you: your divinity and your inner authority.
Once you learn the practice of transfiguration, you can apply it in your personal life and in ceremony to see any problem, issue, person, or place in its divine perfection. Experiencing this changes your response and your perception. It helps you address your feelings of separation and disconnection as you step into the sense of oneness with all.

Transfiguration ceremonies help you connect with your source energy, enter the internal void, and become light. You tone to hold the energy of the transfigured state, and to let your energy travel into the world as vibrational healing. In the transfigured state, you generally experience others as light beings and may feel or see energy.

The ancient principle, "it is who we become that changes the world," is the basis for transfiguration ceremonies. They have been rebirthed into the modern world by Sandra Ingerman—through her Medicine for the Earth and Healing with Spiritual Light teachings—and carried forth by her students around the world.

This powerfully transformative work:

  • Helps you discover your essence.
  • Empowers you to transmute toxins of mind and matter, both internal and external.
  • Helps you bypass judgment and dualistic thinking.
  • Gives you a grounded sense of connection with the Divine in all things.
  • Helps you explore the space-void-field of unlimited possibilities.
  • Teaches you how to be present with all that is.

Reconnecting and realigning yourself, you will shine with the beauty, harmony, love, and divinity at the root of all transformation.

If this ceremonial process draws you, contact me to guide your community in a transfiguration ceremony, or come to one in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Want to Receive Wisdom Transmissions in the Munay-Ki Ceremonies?

Want to Receive Wisdom Transmissions in the Munay-Ki Ceremonies?

The Rites of Munay-Ki are energetic transmissions and initiations from a spiritual and cosmological lineage thousands of years old, maintained by the Qero/Inca people in the Peruvian Andes.

Offered in ceremony, they give you both spiritual protection and deepening connection with ancestors, earth, mountains, stars, and the time to come.

In Andean wisdom teaching, the Munay-Ki are seed initiations to help you become a being of wisdom and power who accepts the stewardship for all of creation. The Munay-Ki Rites help you:

  • Cleanse your luminous energy field.
  • Break free from old stories, karma, genetic drama, and ego.
  • Have the courage to dream a different world.
  • Prepare you to become homo luminous, one who will live in her transcendent nature, free of fear.
  • Jump-start your awareness and invite destiny to unfold in your life.
  • Make quantum leaps of consciousness and perception.
  • Move into the transcendence of the Fifth World.

Receiving energetic transmissions is a path for moving out of the limits of your single human mind and accessing the wisdom of the cosmos. After your initial experience—receiving the transmissions—you begin a process of integration, putting-into-practice, embodiment, and refining. Learning to nourish and embody the seeds of Munay-Ki is an essential part of the process of becoming.

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  • Deepening of My Connection

    The Munay-Ki rites have given me courage to walk in new ways in old places. Courage to find and be in new places that are waiting to be explored. A deepening of my connection to Source, the Ancestors and our Mother the Earth.

    Valerie Heckert
  • Power of Connectedness

    Thank you for bringing us all together at the despacho ceremony, including us in the power of the work you do with the mountains and the earth and the star energy and the HUMMINGBIRD -- filament of connection! It is comforting indeed to believe that the power of connectedness is greater than we know.

    Dana Osborn Deva Gardening,
  • Reciprocity with Life

    Meg's 9 month Munay-Ki course brought me into a richness and reciprocity with life that has filled me up. My life feels much more cohesive.

    Leslie Whiting
  • Helping Us Keep Present So We Could Enjoy Our Wedding!

    Our wedding has been really the time of our lives…what an amazing road to get there. Thank you again for helping us through our wedding ceremony planning, and for helping us keep present and aware so that we could enjoy the experience as much as possible, and for helping make the experience so beautiful for us.

    Cameron Macphail