Living in the Heart of the Universe: Expanding Your Relationship with Earth and the Cosmos

Living in the Heart of the Universe: Expanding Your Relationship with Earth and the Cosmos

Do you seek spirit in nature?

Do you dream of deeper connection?

We invite you to...

Awaken your luminous connections!

Allow the universe to unlock your inner wisdom and guide your life path.

Learn simple, potent practices for shifting your energy.

Connect your whole being with the spirit, mystery, and power of the universe.

  • Find fluidity in the face of complexity.
  • Restore your joy, vitality, and inner harmony.
  • Thrive in your loving, luminous nature.
  • Find fluidity in the face of complexity.
  • Restore your joy, vitality, and inner harmony.
  • Thrive in your loving, luminous nature.


Meg Beeler is a woman of great compassion and wisdom. She knows how to transform personal energy into cosmic energy, so that the energy of the heart extends through the entire river of Being… Living in the Heart of the Universe is an immensely beautiful book.

~ Américo Yábar, founder of the poetic, energetic movement Salk’a

In breezy, understandable prose, Meg leads you on a journey within, teaching you simple practices that will reconnect you with what so many in modern Western culture have lost: your sacred connection to All That Is. With simple exercises, you can relearn to gaze into the infinite mystery to find your true home: the stars, the Living Mother Earth, and your own heart.

~ Patt O’Neill, Owner/Editor/Publisher,

In Living in the Heart of the Universe, Meg Beeler weaves together indigenous wisdom and her own personal life experience into a wonderful tapestry of spiritual insights and practices for everyday living. She focuses on the essentials—our innate connection with nature and everything in the world, the sense of wholeness and non-separation, reciprocity and the fullness of perception—what is so much needed in today’s world. Meg offers us an array of simple, easy to learn and powerful energy practices; with much wisdom she stresses the readers’ own authority, urging them to choose what works for them. This is the book for anyone longing for a more connected, inspiring and meaningful life.

~ Claude Poncelet, PhD, author of The Shaman Within

Living in the Heart of the Universe weaves a tapestry of ancient wisdom, insight, and creative practices for living a more connected life. I especially love the attention given to deep listening from different places within us and with all our senses. Truly a treasure of accessible wisdom for our times.

~ Myron Eshowsky, Shamanism Teacher, International Peace Worker, and author of Peace With Cancer: Shamanism As A Spiritual Approach to Healing

Meg Beeler’s, marvelous new book, Living In The Heart Of The Universe, is a step-by-step guide for engaging and reconnecting yourself to the life-giving energy of the endless Cosmos. This extraordinary radiance that embraces you and the Earth is always available to us but few people know how to engage with its power. Using Meg’s heart-centered and heart-filling practices to connect with it will open your eyes to an experience of life that is a profound and joyful celebration!

~ Evelyn C. Rysdyk, shamanic healer/teacher, founder of Spirit Passages and the author of Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power; The Spirit Walker’s Guide to Shamanic Tools; and The Norse Shaman

If you want to shift your perceptual awareness and build reciprocal relationships with all living beings, read this book.

~ Marilyn Schlitz, PhD, author of Consciousness and Healing: Integral Approaches to Mind Body Medicine; Living Deeply: The Art and Science of Transformation in Everyday Life; and Death Makes Life Possible

Transform. Nourish. Reconnect.

Expand your joy, presence, connection and power.

Learn to dissolve worry and self-doubt so that you can heal your heart and lift your spirit.

Are you a dreamer of a more beautiful world? You will find inspiration, reconnection, and guidance for shifting from despair to love.

Are you a somatic or visual learner? You will relish 84 experiential practices for releasing and shifting energy, maintaining connections in daily life, and finding lightness of being.

Are you an explorer of consciousness? You will open portals to expanded perception and the insight of ancient indigenous, shamanic cultures.

About the Book: Podcasts and Webinars

Future Primitive Host Joanna Harcourt-Smith interviews Meg about her new book, Living in the Heart of the Universe, and the radiant joy that is possible for all of us. Listen anytime.

School for Wizards Webinar Sage Lee talks with Meg about Shamanism, Energy Alchemy, and the Universe. Watch anytime.

About the Author

Meg Beeler, Shamanic Guide, expertly weaves her Energy Alchemy™ and Shamanic Meditation to help seekers find joyful connection, soul healing, and luminous presence.

A passionate explorer of wholeness and consciousness, Meg has traveled extensively, from the high mountains of the Andes and Himalayas to the savannahs of Africa and the jungles of the Amazon. Her lifelong inquiry into healing the heart and lifting the spirit drew her into the indigenous teachings that would transform her life. She is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley and Antioch College, and the founder of Earth Caretakers.