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Habits of Mind Running Your Life?

Meg Beeler 03/13/17
Picture this: a meeting room filled with spiritually-oriented businesswomen.

I guide them in releasing their dense energy. I teach them how to fill instead with their lightness of being. We play with connecting with the elements in our bodies and outside. We grow our roots into the earth and send our branches reaching towards the heavens.

They said they were experiencing wonderful, deep connections.

By experiencing their own energy shifts, they had understood one of the central premises of Energy Alchemy and the indigenous worldview it comes from:

You can work with your energy—not just your mind and emotions—to expand your spirit and engagement with the world.

But what happens when old habits of mind get in the way?

What Are Habits of Mind?

They are ways you habitually respond to stuff. Some examples:
  • Do you have habit of worry?
  • Do you “overthink” when you’re faced with a problem?
  • Do you have the habit of self-doubt or anxiety?
These are habits of mind.

Habits of mind are also ways you process things that happen to you, often subconsciously. For example:

You might push yourself to do more rather than indulging in a little self-nurturing. You might assume you did things wrong, or didn’t do enough, to produce a desired outcome.

All these habits of mind get in the way of your creativity and focus.

They can paralyze you into indecision and inaction.

They can discourage, cause despair, numb you, or cause depression.

All this can be overwhelming.

What to Do? What to Do?

I’ve been asking myself this question recently.

Why? My habit of mind—pushing myself to do more—is just making me exhausted. Good things are happening in my life, and I’m not enjoying them. The uncertainties in the world weigh heavily. I want to be happy and content, and I’m not.

It’s times like these when I need to take time out. Make space for self-nurturing, going deep, being with my tribe. Focus on what renews me: walks outside, not social media…shamanic journeying, not business development…planting in my garden, not staring at the computer…listening with an open heart to my clients and friends, not trying to be more and do more.

It’s times like these when I rededicate myself to releasing my density—in this case, my habits of mind—and replacing it with the lighter, renewing energy of nature.

It’s times like these when I source from my connection with the earth and the cosmos, the trees, my wellspring, the elements that can cleanse and fill me, the beauty of the radiant earth that sustains us all.

If you want to reinvigorate your harmonious connections with all of life... perceive the world with indigenous, shamanic eyes...flow your energy...shift your habits...feast at the table of the universe...Join us to learn simple, potent energy practices practices in an an Energy Alchemy workshop, or learn for yourself in my new book, Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy.

If you’d like help managing your energy, we’d love to help! Call 707-933-6241 or email to schedule a free 30-minute shamanic strategy session. Click here to book online.

Meg Beeler, Author and Shamanic Guide, helps you discover your essence and joyful connection with the universe through individual and group mentoring, healing, training, and community ceremony. A lifelong explorer of shamanic, animist, and meditative consciousness, Meg is the creator of Energy AlchemyTM and founder of Earth Caretakers. Her latest book is Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Aligning to Cosmic Energy (Findhorn Press 2017). She lives on Sonoma Mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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About Meg

Meg Beeler, Shamanic Guide, expertly weaves her Energy Alchemy and Shamanic Meditation to help seekers like you find joyful connection, soul healing, and luminous presence.

She offers shamanic healing; shamanic training: and community gatherings for living a shamanic life.

Meg is the founder of Earth Caretakers, and author of author of Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life: Align to Cosmic Energy, forthcoming Sept. 2017 from Findhorn Press. She lives on Sonoma Mountain in Northern California.

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