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The ancient, worldwide practices of shamanism and animism help you find your way back into harmony with your own soul, the universe, and everything alive. They help you forge sacred, reciprocal relationships that nurture the planet.

Join Meg in expanding and deepeing your practice—through participating, experiencing, listening, and learning.

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Interviews! Book Exerpts!

Interviews! Book Exerpts!


Balm for your heart and soul. In all these interviews we talk about how Weaving the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life can help you shed what's no longer needed, deepen your connections, and end that yukky sense of separation…We explore what the heart of the universe is, and how ancient wisdom cultures offer us so much guidance in opening our hearts. I share some practices from Energy Alchemy, a transformative process for releasing what does not serve you and filling with the boundless energy that surrounds you.

Energy Alchemy New Moon Call with Michael Stone

Get Over It! with Monique Chapman talking about Shamanic, Cosmic Healing

Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life with Michelle Meiche

Soulful Living with Teri Williams

Shifting Energy with Ritual and Ceremony

Tell Me Your Story: New Paradigms for a New World with Richard Dugan
(Oct 22, 2017)

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Changing Your Energy: The Potential

Expanding Your Connection with Nature and the Cosmos (Edge Magazine)

Experiencing the Living Universe

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Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life with Meg Beeler in conversation with Teri Williams, Soulful Living

Weave The Heart of The Universe in Your Life with Meg Beeler in conversation with Michelle Meiche on Awakenings

Meg Beeler: Energy Alchemy: Living in the Heart of the Universe with Michael Stone

Troubled Times Meg in conversation with Nikiah Seeds and John-Luke Edwards on the Circle of Great Mystery Podcast

Endless Possibilities Meg in conversation with Jeff Stockton and John-Luke Edwards on the Circle of Great Mystery Podcast.

Joyful Radiance Meg in conversation with Joanna Harcourt-Smith on Future Primitive Podcast.

The Heart of the Universe Meg in conversation with Joanna Harcourt-Smith on Future Primitive Podcast.

We Are the Universe and the Universe Is Us Meg in conversation with Joan Porte on Astrological Cook.

Growing Your Relationship with Trees Meg in conversation with Linda Milks on Nature Speaks.

Video Training

Energy Alchemy practices demonstrated by Meg on You Tube.

Step Into Your Lightness of Being with Energy Alchemy Learn It Live video training with Meg.

Shamanism and Energy Alchemy Meg in conversation with Sage Lee about Shamanism and Energy Alchemy on the School For Wizards Webinar.

"Where your attention goes, your energy flows."

  • Stability and Clarity Through Energy Alchemy

    Through these Energy Alchemy practices and our wonderful group I find a lot more inner stability. I have way more clarity about my own wishes and boundaries. I experience stronger feelings of safety and security. The practices help in subtle ways, bringing gentle waves of change into my life.

    Gisela Cartwright
  • Alignment with Source

    I learned in Energy Alchemy that I have clarity when I am in alignment with Source. I am connected to all the energy around and coming to me. I can let it pass through me and not let it grab a hook into my heart, or not. Stress is an indicator that I'm off course and disconnected. I loved the damage control practices you taught us.

    Nancy Branstetter