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Jan. 3-31: Five-part Webinar, online

Feb. 2-3: Sonoma CA, in person
March 3-4: Pacifica CA, in person

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What Is Energy Alchemy?

Energy Alchemy is a transformative process for releasing what does not serve you and filling with the boundless energy that surrounds you.

Drawn from ancient animist and shamanic ways, Energy Alchemy guides you into your heart as you release, connect, fill, and open to the vibrating, alive energy in all things.

Grounded in nature connection, Energy Alchemy practices build your skills in maintaining harmony, balance, and fluidity. You learn how to draw power and energy from beyond the personal, changing your life, your stories, and the ways you perceive and engage with the world.

The potent practices of Energy AlchemyTM teach you how to:

  • Manage your energy daily

  • Release your dense and heavy energy, exchanging it for lighter and joyous experiences of connection • Maintain your harmony, balance, and inner stability

  • Let go of old patterns and stories that weigh you down

  • Renew your spirit, open your heart, and connect with the vibrating, alive energy all around you.

Energy Alchemy practices help you dissolve worry and self-doubt as you:

  • Find fluidity in the face of complexity

  • Liberate your love, vision, and sacred power

  • Connect more deeply with the energy, mystery, and power of nature

  • Learn ways to find energetic solutions to whatever challenges you face and stay open-hearted in the midst of chaos

Align Your Heart, Vision, and Sacred Power with Meg Beeler

Why Take a Workshop?

Experiencing energy shifts in your body encourages you to shift your habits.

Noticing the spiritual, somatic, energetic effects helps you see the power.

Being guided in doing a practice is more potent than reading about it.

Whether you do in-person or online Energy Alchemy workshops, you will:

  1. Learn many ancient practices to cleanse your energy field, release dense energy, and let go of patterns that weigh you down. Incorporated from ancient Andean, Celtic, and Chinese wisdom, these tools are simple to learn and use daily.

  2. Work interactively and collaboratively with nature. You’ll learn to align yourself internally with your centers of power, love, and vision, and with the trees and wind, sun and the rhythms of the moon.

  3. Learn to shift your relationships and engagement with the world into calm presence and joyful awareness.

  4. Learn tools for calming your nervous system and moving away from mental chatter.

  5. Learn multiple ways to establish a regular practice of taking care of your energy: cleaning your energy field, protecting it from debris, and filling with your natural radiance.

Consider experiencing Energy Alchemy if you:

  • Are looking for a deep connection to the planet.

  • Want to restore your joy, vitality, and inner peace.

  • Yearn to experience your loving, luminous nature as you open to the beauty around you.

  • Are ready to let go of old patterns and stories that weigh you down.

  • Want greater skill and fluidity in managing your energy.

  • Are ready to renew yourself in Meg’s peaceful, encouraging, supportive energy.

About Meg

Meg Beeler—Author, Shamanic Guide, Mentor—weaves ancient wisdom into potent pathways for connecting with the heart of nature and the cosmos. A lifelong explorer of shamanic, animist, and meditative consciousness, Meg is the creator of Energy AlchemyTM and the founder of Earth Caretakers. Her immersion in the Andean cosmovision for 25 years led to her latest book, Weave the Heart of the Universe Into Your Life: Aligning with Cosmic Energy. She lives on Sonoma Mountain in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Energy Alchemy Has Ancient Roots

Energy Alchemy incorporates ancient tools from Andean, Celtic, and Chinese wisdom. I have translated and woven them into simple forms that you can access no matter what your heritage.

They are a bridge from indigenous wisdom to help you step into your love, vision, and sacred power. They empower you to connect with your wild, undomesticated energy (salk'a) and the “refined” (sami) energy of mountains and stars.

Connecting with the vibrating, alive energy all around you will renew your spirit, open your heart, and lift your energy.

When you shift your energy to support your vision, your intent affects all that lives!

Want a little more background on working with energy? Read the blog "Energy Alchemy: Finding Your Joy."

Students and Clients Say...

Through these Energy Alchemy practices and our wonderful group I find a lot more inner stability. I have way more clarity about my own wishes and boundaries. I experience stronger feelings of safety and security. The practices help in subtle ways, bringing gentle waves of change into my life." ~ Gisela Cartwright

"Energy Alchemy practices help me feel my deep connection to this planet, the strength I get from the earth, and the spaciousness of the Universe as the true Source of my Being. They have helped me flow through some very difficult situations without being overwhelmed by them, and with the capacity to bring peace and joy through myself and to others." ~ Linea Stewart

“Meg is a woman of grace, intelligence and humor, an authentic, humble recipient of powerful, ancient knowledge that she puts into practice in her work and workshops. I know she flies with angels, but suspect she travels in the company of many other benevolent entities that wish to decrease suffering and enhance human beings’ extraordinary experience of being alive on Earth.” ~ Xoe Wrangler

  • Stability and Clarity Through Energy Alchemy

    Through these Energy Alchemy practices and our wonderful group I find a lot more inner stability. I have way more clarity about my own wishes and boundaries. I experience stronger feelings of safety and security. The practices help in subtle ways, bringing gentle waves of change into my life.

    Gisela Cartwright
  • Alignment with Source

    I learned in Energy Alchemy that I have clarity when I am in alignment with Source. I am connected to all the energy around and coming to me. I can let it pass through me and not let it grab a hook into my heart, or not. Stress is an indicator that I'm off course and disconnected. I loved the damage control practices you taught us.

    Nancy Branstetter
  • Somatic Understanding

    With Meg, you experience the energy and then the understanding comes. I evolved from “mentally” knowing how my thoughts affect my reality—but having trouble believing this—to internally, somatically “knowing” that this can be so.

    Heidi Irgens Energease Sound Healing,