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Shamanism, Vision

Four Qualities of a Good Shamanic Mentor: Finding Your Way ideal mentor is someone you respect and admire. She has qualities or a way of being that you are drawn to. And she focuses on helping you illumine your unique calling in the world.

Shamanism, Universe, Vision

Your Wisdom and Your Sacred Destiny

A spiritual mentor’s role is to help you recognize your own nature and essence, to help you see the unique beauty and power you carry in the world. You want someone you can trust because they have integrity, years of experience, and are not trying to get you to follow in their footsteps or give up your free will.

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Shamanism, Meditation, Energy Alchemy, Universe, Vision, Nature

Focusing Your Intent: Creating Anew Day by Day

“Moving with intent sends an energetic vibration into the world. It affects your cells, your fields, and the web of life that surrounds you. It feeds what you are trying to create—whether personally or globally—and affects the cumulative outcome of your choices.”

Meditation, Energy Alchemy, Universe, Vision, Nature

Free Yourself with Energy Awareness

“I intend to take in only what is appropriate for me, and keep out everything that does not belong to me.”

Energy Alchemy, Nature

Habits of Mind Running Your Life?

“It’s times like these when I rededicate myself to releasing my density—in this case, my habits of mind—and replacing it with the lighter, renewing energy of nature.”

Shamanism, Meditation, Energy Alchemy, Universe, Vision, Nature

Finding Alignment and Resonance

When you are aligned energetically, you experience fluidity, ease, receptivity, and connection. Smoothness and respect underlie your interactions. You don’t feel conflicts between your power, your heart, and your vision.

Meditation, Energy Alchemy, Vision

What Can You Do When the Ride is Wild?

You have more and more demands on your life. If you are like most of us you feel barraged from all directions...This is when you need embedded ways of shifting—embedded so you can draw on them effortlessly, memorized so your body will do them almost automatically, practiced enough that you know they work...changing your energy this way will shift your attitude and response to those constant demands.

Meditation, Energy Alchemy, Vision

Beginning Again

Working with just a few practices, we imprint them; habituate to them; and then experience the unfolding and deepening that bring us into flow with the universe.

Energy Alchemy, Universe, Vision, Nature

Creating a Despacho Ceremony

"A despacho is an act of love and a reminder of the connections we share with all beings, elements, spirits, and sacred places. At the deepest level, it is an opportunity to enter into the essential unity of all things, the living energy of the universe. "

Shamanism, Meditation, Vision, Nature

Path of Vision or Road of Despair?

As I learned more about how our perception creates our “reality”—from indigenous wisdom keepers, lightworkers, spirit helpers, and quantum physicists— visioning became part of my shamanic and spiritual practice. It became central to my toolkit for change making because it helps me see, know, and create images of substance to sustain my passion and my activism.

Shamanism, Energy Alchemy, Universe, Vision, Nature

Energy Alchemy: Finding Your Joy

Whether you are facing a disaster, a child’s disappointment, a partner’s rage, or the state of the earth, Energy Alchemy practices help you be as clear, openhearted, and as filled with your natural radiance as possible.

Shamanism, Energy Alchemy, Vision, Nature

Aligning Your Heart and Mind to Meet These Troubled Times

Flying high with Eagle and Condor helped ground my actions and taught me how to cultivate my heart, vision, and sacred power.

Shamanism, Meditation, Energy Alchemy, Vision, Nature

Five Ways To Survive These Challenging Times

"You have a sacred calling. You have special gifts you bring to the world. If you are off balance your gifts won’t flow. Help yourself get back on track with these five simple ways of surviving and thriving."

Shamanism, Energy Alchemy, Universe, Nature

Navigating Turbulent Times with Balance

" know that the energy you bring to the world affects the world. This is one of those times when your community and the world need you!"

Shamanism, Meditation, Energy Alchemy, Nature

Five Essentials for Your Daily Practice

"The need for daily practice is coming up in nearly every conversation I have right now. But how can you possible add one more thing to your life???"

About Meg

Meg Beeler, Shamanic Guide expertly weaves her Energy Alchemy and Shamanic Meditation to help seekers like you find joyful connection, soul healing, and luminous presence.

She offers shamanic healing; shamanic training: and community gatherings for living a shamanic life.

Meg is the founder of Earth Caretakers, and author of Weave the Heart of the Universe into Your Life from Findhorn Press. She lives on Sonoma Mountain in Northern California.

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Your blog is so beautiful, inspiring, and practical!

Sarah Dole Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher,

Opening to the Cosmos, to Time Beyond Time

You are an amazing writer. Your article Filaments of Connection fed me deeply, as if I was there, reinvigorating some of my own experiential memories, adding yours. It propels my continued opening to the cosmos, to time beyond time.

Linea Stewart, PhD., MFCC
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